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Standees are nowadays widely used in all trade fairs, seminars, events, on-ground promotion activities, showroom displays next to the products and all other types of brand promotion activities.

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Traffic Signboard for Advertisement

When it comes to outdoor advertising after hoarding and bus shelters, the Traffic Signboards play a vital role. They help in conveying the road safety message and also convey your brand message in the most cost efficient way.

How these traffic signboards can bring you customers:

1. Branding

Content: Your Brand logo & location
Useful For: Very useful for big and mid sized brands to inform the locales in a particular region that you are also available there.

2. Selling

Content : Only specify the need & your contact no. for solution ( brand logo can also be added in some cases)
Useful For : Very helpful for restaurants and food joints for home delivery, Call taxis, directory services and other businesses who may wish to drive sales through the contact number (sales number / order delivery number).

3. Direction

Content : Your Brand Logo and Direction Symbol ( You can also specify your contact no.)
Useful For : Very useful for brands who are in little interior areas and where your prospective client can very easily miss you so this direction board carrying your brand name, business description can help you great deal in bringing traffic to your showroom.

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